70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Network: NBC

Date: January 13, 2013

Viewers: 19.6

Key to Success: Highlight catalysts for buzz

Each year, awards shows’ lead-in campaigns seem longer and longer. And with more time on their hands (without results to show or current footage to use) teasers and oft-shared promos are left to focus on what’s different about this year’s telecast: the hosts. So when NBC announced last fall that their own network’s favorite comediennes Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were going to host the Golden Globes, they had the makings for digital marketing gold.

“Everybody knows the Golden Globes, and they anticipate and look forward to them,” said Sharon Allen, SVP of marketing strategy at NBC. “It’s about trying to capitalize on the things that are going to create buzz and excitement.”

The past three years have seen the controversial Ricky Gervais as host, and before that, the show had gone host-less, so NBC was glad to have two of the most media-savvy women in TV and pushed their personalities and comedic talents to the forefront of the teaser campaign. In December, NBC released the show’s first promo, which quickly went viral, and followed it up with similar teasers to the same effect. The two hosts even popularized a Golden Globes drinking game.

“We knew Amy and Tina would bring something special to the show, so we made them the centerpiece of our campaign,” said Allen.

NBC took over the night with help from NBC Universal’s other properties and affiliates, partnering with E! on the red carpet, featuring a pre-show hosted by the “TODAY” show, even utilizing NBC-owned stations for a pre-pre-show as the lead-in campaign seeped into the big day itself.


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