CBS is rounding out its Monday night comedy lineup with new half-hour shows “Mom” and “We Are Men.” In “Men,” a group of single guys hang out and give each other mostly terrible advice on their romantic—all really all other—interactions.

CBS has put a lot of faith in such series this fall. New comedy “We Are Men” is one of four new comedies on the Eye network, including Chuck Lorre’s “Mom,” Will Arnett-starrer “The Millers,” and Robin Williams’ “The Crazy Ones.”

On September 6, The Paley Center for Media hosted PaleyFest Previews Fall TV. CBS screened the pilot of “We Are Men” and hosted a panel with the show’s creator and cast. Conversation surrounded the story of the creator’s own divorce. Perhaps most intriguing: With a name like “We Are Men,” how will CBS get women to watch?

Show creator Rob Greenberg said that when he got divorced, he felt such a mix of emotions at once that he chose to separate those feelings into the show’s four characters: Frank, the anti-commitment ladies man, Stuart, the angry one, Gil, the romantic in denial, and Carter, the new guy.

According to Greenberg, most of the first season will be shot at the Oakwood apartments, a short-term apartment complex in Los Angeles catering to child actors and hopeful comedians (featured in the documentary “The Hollywood Complex”). This appeals to Los Angeles residents familiar with the local landmark. One ongoing theme in the series is what a magical wonderland the complex is – “We Are Men” actor Kal Penn mentioned several times he’d like to move in (they have pools, hot tubs, a fitness room and a convenience store). Oakwood is well known in the entertainment industry as a first stop to stardom.

Jerry O’Connell , one of the show’s stars, confirms: “We get a lot of resumes when we’re shooting.”

And how does a show featuring four divorced males called “We Are Men” going to market to women? The panel’s only female, Rebecca Breeds, touched on this: “What’s not funny about watching four men who think they’re pretty cool and pretty funny, going out there hitting on women and getting shut down 90% of the time? It’s pretty entertaining.” The cast agrees: it’s less about telling a story about men to other men, it’s more about bringing the guys’ experience to a broad audience, something CBS does well.

“We Are Men” joins CBS’ Monday night comedy block at 8:30 p.m., following “How I Met Your Mother” and leading into CBS’ 9 p.m. anchor, “2 Broke Girls” and Lorre’s new show, “Mom,” starring Anna Faris and Allison Janney at 9:30 p.m. “We Are Men” premieres September 30, one week after most of CBS’ fall premieres. “We Are Men” will be up against ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and NBC’s “The Voice,” making it the only sitcom in the time-slot.


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