​“We are not equal. We must be made equal by the fire, and then we can be happy,” says Michael Shannon’s Fire Captain Beatty in HBO’s interpretation of Ray Bradbury’s classic novel, Fahrenheit 451.

Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther, Fruitvale Station, Creed) plays Montag, a young fireman who realizes that something is not right about Beatty’s view of the world. Sofia Boutella (The Mummy, Kingsman: The Secret Service) also stars as Clarisse, a young informant caught between the increasingly competing interests of both men.

Fahrenheit 451 is written and directed by Ramin Bahrani and written by Amir Naderi.

“I have always loved Ray Bradbury’s prophetic novel Fahrenheit 451,” said Bahrani in a statement. “Two years ago, as I looked at the world around me, it seemed like the ideal time to do a modern interpretation.”

The movie premieres Saturday, May 19 on HBO.

[Cube image courtesy of HBO/Michael Gibson]

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