When it comes to TV, September now has two distinct parts. Part one includes early-season starts for syndicated shows and premieres for big series on streaming services, like Prime Video with its splashy Lord of the Rings prequel or Disney Plus with Andor, that don’t concern themselves with time of year or Nielsen ratings.

Part two indicates the arrival of fall, with the return of the NFL, the Primetime Emmys and fall TV debuts on the broadcast networks. Streaming has turned fall TV – for which the older among us used to long while suffering through summers of repeats – into something of a relic, but it’s still a time when so many new shows come to TV and old favorites return with new episodes.

Here’s what Brief is watching as fall TV gets underway:

September 2022

September 1: AMC Plus’ Pantheon

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September 1: Prime Video’s Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (series premiere)

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September 2: Apple TV Plus’ Life by Ella

September 4: Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty (season six premiere)

September 7: Hulu’s Tell Me Lies (series premiere)

September 8: Hulu’s The Wedding Season (series premiere)

September 9: Apple TV Plus’ Gutsy from executive producers Hillary Rodham and Chelsea Clinton (docuseries premiere)

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Also: Netflix’s Cobra Kai (season five premiere)

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September 11: Starz’ The Serpent Queen (series premiere)

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Also: Fox’s Monarch, starring Susan Sarandon and country-music legend Trace Adkins, finally comes to air after months of delays (series premiere)

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September 14: Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale (season five)

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September 15: FX’s Atlanta (fourth and final season premiere)

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September 19: NBC’s Quantum Leap reboot (series premiere)

September 20: Hulu’s Reboot (series premiere)

September 21: Disney Plus’ Andor

September 27: ABC’s The Rookie: Feds (spin-off series premiere)

[Images of Andor courtesy of Disney Plus]

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