“That’s your little nugget” an ultrasound technician tells an excited woman as the Turner Ignite Studios logo appears on the screen before her.

The spot introducingTurner’s new branded content division, which launched in October, is an example of how its marketing aligns with the fun, refreshing and comedic voice of the studio itself.

Turner Ignite Studio’s Jenn Cohen, SVP of entertainment content partnerships and Greg T. Gordon, vice president and creative director, showcased the new offering at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival’s Brand Storytelling event.

“Part of this is great timing; we knew we’d be ramped up and ready to show the studio off around Sundance,” said Cohen in a statement. “But more importantly, Sundance is an important symbolic moment for us to launch. It represents the best in new voices in entertainment, and aligns nicely with the kind of work we’ll be creating.”

Spanning comedy and drama, scripted and unscripted, and live action and animation, the division is designed to help advertisers develop original content around Turner’s brands of Adult Swim, TBS, TNT and truTV.

During her seven years at Turner, Cohen experienced the transformation of branded entertainment first hand, watching as the rise of social media spurred content marketing to evolve from co-branded spots and brand integrations, to an increased demand to align with the tone, look and feel of specific programming.

With that in mind, Turner Ignite Studios is focused on creating custom content that is nimble, flexible, digital-first and designed to reach its networks’ fanbase.

In setting up the branded content division, it was crucial to develop a clear perspective around the work that was original, but still fit within Turner’s entertainment brands, according to Gordon.

“We then put that perspective on display through a variety of pilots and proof of concepts,” he said. “So, as we launch and educate clients, agencies and the creator community about Turner Ignite Studios, we can do so with really dynamic, entertaining work that embodies our creative spirit.”

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