One of the dangers of marrying a werewolf – no matter how hot she is, no matter how much you love her – is that she may kill and eat you. That danger seems to increase when you get your hot werewolf wife pregnant, Gary (Josh Gad) is finding out in season two of Peacock’s Wolf Like Me. The series also stars Isla Fisher as Mary, Gary’s wife and the aforementioned werewolf.

Things get even more complicated – although it is possible to be more complicated than maybe having a half-wolf baby? – when Mary’s old professor – and apparently more – Anton (Edgar Ramirez) shows up.

Wolf Like Me is shot in Australia and also stars Ariel Donoghue, Emma Lung, Anthony Taufa and Honour Latukefu. It’s created, written and directed by Abe Forsythe. Jodi Matteron, Bruna Papandrea and Steve Hutensky executive produce for Made Up Stories, who are the EPs behind HBO’s Big Little Lies and Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers. Made Up Stories partnered with Fifth Season and Stan on the series.

Season two of Wolf Like Me streams October 19 on Peacock.

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