Gray Television’s WWBT Richmond, Va., once again employed tricky timing and technical effects to create the latest version of its “On All Your Devices” campaign, the original iteration of which won Promax Gold at Station Summit in Las Vegas last June.

Last summer’s spot took place in the station’s studio; this time around, they moved to a coffeehouse setting to reiterate the “anytime, anywhere” nature of their newscasts.

To refresh your memory, here’s last summer’s spot:

And here is the latest version, set at Ironclad Coffee Roasters in Richmond:

Both spots took careful coordination and timing from WWBT’s marketing team and talent, marketing director Erik Candiani told TVNewsCheck: “Yes, it took a long time. Yes, it was a pain in the butt to pull off, but, people notice. And that’s our job as marketers, right? Get people to notice.”


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