​Yahoo!, in true Netflix originals fashion, will begin streaming more than 5,000 “SNL” clips and plans to unveil eight new original Web series on Monday—all ready for the binge viewer.

Following up on its Web series “Burning Love,” which got picked up by E! after its online run, Yahoo! is looking back to video to more traffic and some loyal viewers. The new series include “Losing It with John Stamos,” Ed Helms’ “Tiny Commando,” “We Need Help,” “Ghost Ghirls,” “The Fuzz,” “SketchY!,” “The Flip Side” and “Sports Friends.”

“Losing It with John Stamos” features exactly what it says it does: celebrities talking about their first time with John Stamos:

“Tiny Commando,” created by “The Office’s” Ed Helms, also stars “Chuck’s” Zachary Levi:

Check out the rest of Yahoo!‘s trailers here.

Brief Take: By teaming these original Web series with clips from the much more well-known SNL,Yahoo! hopes to gain a cross-platform comedy following.


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