In honor of Opening Day, YES Network partnered with Northern Lights Agency and its sibling companies Northern Lights and SuperExploder to create the above anthem spot titled “Earn Your Pinstripes.”

The spot focuses on New York Yankees’ captain, outfielder and MLB home-run record holder Aaron Judge, who at the end of last season signed a nine-year, $360 million contract to remain with the team. It also aims to capture the spirit of the Yankees as more than just a baseball team but also as a legacy of excellence and home-town pride.

YES Network provided the script while Northern Lights handled creative direction, editorial and audio.

“Earn Your Pinstripes” premiered on Yankees’ Opening Day on Thursday, March 30.


Client: YES Network

Head of Marketing & Creative: Bill Bergofin

Sr Director Promotion: Daniel Guernsey

Marketing Manager: Alex Torre

Agency: Northern Lights Agency with assists from company siblings Northern Lights and SuperExploder

Tags: hot spots new york yankees northern lights agency yes network

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