In an era when there seems to be no ceiling on what computer graphics can create on screen, old-fashioned, handmade stop-motion animation can appear startlingly new and fresh. However, as Montreal-based creative director Greg Barth proved with his recent, hauntingly beautiful rebrand for Russian channel 7TV, the two approaches are no longer mutually exclusive.

Client: 7TV Russia

Director & Creative Director: Greg Barth

Art Direction & Lead Design (Branding): Vanda Daftari & Capucine Labarthe

Music & Sound Design: Nookaad Productions

Project Manager: Colas Wohlfahrt

Producer & DP: Noé Sardet

Lead Builders: Ian Langhor & Clement Yeh

Set Director: Sylvain Lavoie

Builders: Julie Ledru, Guillaume Kukucka, Florian Golay, Charlotte B. Pelletier

Animators: Ian Langhor, Julie Ledru, Charlotte B. Pelletier, Florian Golay, Xavier Fererro, Clement Yeh, Greg Barth, Noé Sardet, Colas Wohlhahrt, Alex Da Cunha, Remi Borgeal, Guillaume Kukucka, Jason Harvey, Naim Jean-Bart, Patrick Rochon

Designers: Jeremy Dabrowski & Julie Ledru

2D Post Production: Maxime Roux

Ident CG & Post Production: Robert Quinn

Ident Color Correction: Haans Fujimoto & Maxime Roux

Color Correction Phase 1: Guillaume Marin

Color Correction Phase 2: Maxime Roux

Brand Guide Design: P.A. Robitaille

Campaign Photo Retouching: Visual Box


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