Based on the novel by Sarah Perry, Apple TV Plus’ The Essex Serpent is a Victorian Era drama about Cora Seaborne (Claire Danes), a young widow who relocates to the small village of Essex. There, the locals believe a mythical, murderous serpent torments them from the nearby marshes. As Cora investigates, a tragedy strikes, causing the villagers to distrust her even as her connection to the local vicar (Tom Hiddleston) grows closer.

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To bring viewers into the world of the show, Yu+Co turned to the era in which the series is set and found inspiration for its main titles in the period’s ornate graphic patterns of the period. Images of a heart, an apple, a toad and others constantly transform, taking viewers from the scientific and naturalistic world to more imaginative, religious, and metaphorical realms, expressing the psychological themes of the show.

The Essex Serpent premiered Friday, May 13 on Apple TV Plus.


Client: Apple TV Plus

Agency: Yu+Co

Creative Director: Garson Yu

Senior Producer: Sarah Coatts

Lead Designer: Mulan Leong-Suzuki

Designer, Illustrator: Edwin Baker

Designer: Grace Kang

Illustrator: Lydia Kim

Lead Animator: Cullen Parr

Cel Animator, Illustrator: Mari Carlson

Animator: Suzanne Porush

Painter: Brad Fraunfelter

3D Artist: Jeff Dietrich

VFX Supervisor: Gregory Jones

Editor: Evan Dennis

Writer, Researcher: Rick Spitz

Production Coordinator: Anthony Zucco

IO Manager: Latoria Ortiz

Roles: Concept, Design, Illustration, Animation, Compositing, Editing

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