What happens when you shut down a stretch of California highway, line up the sexiest cars of the year, pay the police enough money to look the other way and drive like a bat out of hell?

You get the winner of Best Driver’s Car Week 2018, which took place on Discovery’s rebranded car network, Motor Trend, from Sept. 17-21.

Motor Trend tapped creative agency IFDC to grease the gears on the annual event. With less than a week to produce, and knowing the stakes were high, the IFDC team jumped in the driver’s seat for their own quarter-mile sprint, and ultimately delivered an edit as fast as the McLaren 720S with the style and grace of the Aston Martin Vantage.


Agency: Image Factory DC

Executive Producer: Monesha Lever

Creative Director: Heather Roymans

Editor: Justin Kanner

Art Director: Fabian Tejada

Design/ Animation: Victor Verdugo

Colorist: Justin Kanner, C.S.I.

Sound Design: Nate Hoeft

Sound Design & Mix: Tyler Proctor & Justin Hollis

Client: Motor Trend

Global President and GM, Motor Trend: Alex Wellen

President Velocity, Motor Trend Studios and Video Content: Bob Scanlon

Vice President, Social Media, Motor Trend: Megan Neal

Creative Director, Velocity and Motor Trend: Gregory Stein

Senior Writer/Producer, Velocity and Motor Trend: Tom von Heijne

Marketing Manager, Velocity and Motor Trend: Judd Lewis

Marketing Manager, Motor Trend: Allison Mickler

Head of Production, Motor Trend: Duane Sempson

Project Manager, Motor Trend: Sandra Fabela

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