To celebrate the 2019 Eurovision song competition, New York City-based The Artery brought together 18 animators, designers and illustrators from all over the world to create a visual homage in an exquisite-corpse style.

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This year’s competition was held in Israel, considered one of the “start-up” capitals of Europe and the Middle East. The theme was humans and technology operating as one, from which this sequence drew inspiration.

Artists from Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Israel, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom brought their passion and visual flair to the project, which ranged from 3D animation to stop-motion graphics. Among the creatives who contributed are Mihran Stepanyan, founder of One Man Studio and award-winning VFX supervisor Alex (Sasha) Djordjevic.


Agency: The Artery

Collaborating Artists:

Aleksandar Sasha Djordjevic

Anastasia Kharchenko

Andi Iacob

Caroline Kjellberg

Daniel Nahum

Eduard Mykhailov

João Figueiras

Grace Casas

Irene Feleo

Kasper Pindsle

Kristian Skogmo

Laura Sirvent

Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar

Machina Infinitum

Mihran Stepanyan

Mike Voropaev

Patrick Sluiter

Ryan Morace


Nadav Meiden

Andrea Philippon

Aline Sinquin

ECD: Vico Sharabani

CD: Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar

Music: The Soundery

Sound Design: Patrick Henchman

Color: Aline Sinquin

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