Alaina Zanotti has joined Nomad as senior executive producer working out of Los Angeles. Zanotti has more than 15 years of experience leading creative teams at Company3, Method Studios and Cartel. In those posts, Zanotti has collaborated with such agencies as Wieden+Kennedy and BBDO for such global brands as Apple, Disney and Paramount.

“Alaina is a rockstar! When we heard she was available, we crossed our fingers and toes hoping it would work out,” said Nomad Partner Brandon Porter in a statement. “The impact she had at her previous tenures cannot be understated. Her experience, relationships, and overall greatness as a human being will be integral to our future ambitions as a company.”

Zanotti focuses on business and technical management with a concentration on sales, marketing, client management and operations.

“We’re all married to our jobs in this industry. I was at Company3/Method Studios for eleven years, so loyalty is something that’s incredibly important to me,” said Zanotti, also in a statement. “I took some time away to be with my family, and when the opportunity to join Nomad presented itself, it was too enticing of an offer to refuse. I knew my next position wasn’t an interim, one or two year thing — I was looking for the next ten years of my life. Nomad is a worldwide family, and that’s the home I was longing for.”

Zanotti is also the co-founder of Lost and Found, a grassroots non-profit organization that works to benefit homeless youth, with PrettyBird Partner Ali Brown and unhoused youth advocate Amy Favat. The organization retrieves lost and found goods from LA gyms and distributes them to those in need. While the pandemic temporarily halted operations, it plans to reopen sometime before next year.

“I’ve known Nomad for a long time. As a strong legacy brand, they have recently been working towards a renaissance of sorts with new talent, updated studio, and so many bits of business I have yet to dive into — on a global scale, no less,” Zanotti continued.

Nomad also this year added editorial partners Brandon Porter and Conor O’Neill and opened a new office in Austin. Nomad, which focuses on editorial and VFX services, also has offices in New York and London.

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