Disney-owned ESPN tapped Wylie, Texas-based Already Been Chewed, helmed by owned and founding artist Barton Damer, to update its look for upstart football league XFL.

The rebrand elements feature different textures – from water to thread to chrome to glass – in a stark black-and-white setting with just the barest hint of football.

“The team at ABC used their expertise in 3D animation and motion graphics to develop a high-energy, futuristic sequence that featured dynamic camera movements and stunning visual effects,” wrote Already Been Chewed on its website. “The end result was a sequence that perfectly captured the excitement and energy of XFL football, and helped to establish the league’s new brand identity on ESPN.

Below, Already Been Chewed offers a look at how they put the 3D-animated rebrand together:

Behind the Sauce

The XFL kicks off its season on Thursday, March 16 with a match between the Houston Roughnecks and Seattle Lumens at 10:30 pm ET/7:30 pm PT on ESPN and streamed on ESPN Plus.


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