Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean everything viewers enjoy has to be fun and festive. In fact, AMC UK is embracing its darker side this holiday season.

In a spot that starts out with classic Christmas carol, Deck the Halls, and then follows a Christmas ornament through the maze of the AMC logo itself, the channel showcases its range of movies and series.

Along the way, viewers are treated to drama, action and romance as AMC offers an alternative to the holiday’s traditional feel-good content.

The UK-based channel is airing movies throughout the month with series marathons starting Dec. 20.


Client: AMC Networks International/AMC UK

Agency: AMC UK In-house

Concept and Edit: Manouk Kraijenbosch

Concept and Graphics: Clive Collier

Audio Mix: Mark Duckett

Executive Producer: Matt Stott

Tags: amc networks international uk hot spots

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