When it was time for America’s Got Talent‘s judges and host, Terry Crews, to return to work, all Simon Cowell had to do was put out the call and they dropped whatever it was they were doing and came running ... or flying, as the case may be.

America’s Got Talent returned to NBC on Tuesday, May 28, and already has made a big splash across social media with the following performance by Kodi Lee, who is blind and autistic:


President, NBC Entertainment Marketing & Digital: Len Fogge

EVP, On Air & Video Creative: Ron Hayes

SVP, Original Production: Tracy Grandstaff

Director, Production: Kristin Wygal

Producer: Maureen Tunney

Director of Photography: Stephen Sheridan

Art Direction: Marcelle Gravel

Assistant Director: Travis Knight

Talent Relations: Kat Widden

Story Board Artist: Evan Yarbrough

VFX: Sauce.Studios

Terry’s wings VFX: FuseFX

Graphic Design: Jake Vouniozos

Sound Design & Mix: Yessian

Director & Editor: Ryan Sage

Writer: Michael Loprete

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