For the main titles for Apple TV+’s original series, See, Imaginary Forces took the idea of a world in which humans no longer have eyesight and ran with it.

To create the sequence, which starts with imagery that evokes the delicate anatomy of the human eye, the creative agency worked closely with the show’s blindness consultant as well as the props and art departments to create the sequence’s aesthetic and all-important sound design.

See, starring Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodward, is available now to stream on Apple TV+.


Client: Apple

Agency: Imaginary Forces

Creative Director: Karin Fong

Head of Production: Franceska Bucci

Senior Producer: Steve Garfinkel

Designers: Isabell Hacker, Brandon Savoy

Editor: Lexi Gunvaldson

Lead Animator: Austin Marola

Animator/Compositors: Kiyoon Nam, Merrill Hall, Brandon Savoy, James Gardner

Character Animation: Meng-Yang Lu

Design Intern: Anissa Rodriguez

Additional Designs: Jake Ferguson, Emrah Gonulkirmaz, Curry Tian

Additional Editor: Zach Kilroy

Music: Formosa Group

Sound Design: Trevor Gates

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