Food Network, with the help of Atlanta-based Bark Bark, turned a promo for cooking competition series Alex vs. America into a James Bond-influenced spot, complete with high-tech graphics.

In it, host Eric Adejepong (Top Chef) and Alex Guarnaschelli (Iron Chef) play off the relationship between Bond and genius inventor Q as Guarnaschelli prepares to take on competitors from around the country.

Season two of Alex vs. America premieres July 31 on Food Network.


Client: Food Network

CMO, US Networks, Warner Brothers Discovery: Karen Bronzo

Vice President, Brand Creative, Food Network: Crissy Shropshire

Production Manager, On-Air, Food Network: Karen Fea

Associate Producer, Food Network: Maddy Keith

Director of Production & Operations: Darchelle McCreary

Design Director: Brian Keenan

Photo Manager: Ashlee Espinal

Agency: Bark Bark

Head of Creative & Director: Daniel Sattelmeyer

Head of Production: Tabitha Mason-Elliott

Senior Executive Producer: David Brand

Head of Accounts and Operations: Ann Daykin

EP, Post Production: Jason Sheedy

SVP, Client Partnerships: Karen Grant

Senior Writer/Producer: Morgan Johnson

Design Director: Keachia Greenidge

Producer, Design & Animation, Brad Low

Production Supervisor: Desiree Taylor

Producer, Audio: Jeremiah Prescott

Associate Writer/Producer: Zakeea Ayton-Wright

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