Swirling, vivid colors and animated patterns form the foundation of BBC Two’s rebrand—it’s first in 20 years.

The new look, which launched September 27, will roll out across on-air and digital platforms, and will be featured across the channel’s marketing, advertising and merchandise.

It moves away from the previous branding, from 1991, which focused on recreating the number two in different styles and mediums.

Instead, its positioned around a series of 16 idents, each produced by a different animator, that are based on a curve which loosely resembles the number two as they transition through playful and bold kaleidoscope-like designs.

The movement represents the channel’s “constant evolution, constant eclecticism, [and] constant sense of quality” BBC Two Controller Patrick Holland told The Guardian.

Overall, the rebrand aims to convey a “modern, contemporary and stimulating” vibe, that represents an “eclectic” mix of content as BBC Two seeks to reinvent itself through new programming that better competes with streaming services such as Netflix.

Coming down the line is The Luminaries, an adaptation of the novel by Eleanor Catton and starring Eva Green, Eve Hewson and Marton Csokas, and the channel is working with Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker to develop new projects, reports The Guardian.

Holland told BBC News the new idents will be an exciting change the for channel’s existing viewers, but they will also engage new, younger audiences.

“My role on BBC Two,” he said, “is to try and make the channel as engaged with the modern world, to make it engaged in the big questions of our time, but to do it in a way that brings extraordinary storytelling to the fore.”


Brand: BBC Two

Client: BBC Marketing

Director of marketing & audiences; content, radio & education: Charlotte Lock

Portfolio head of marketing, specialist mainstream: Mark Tierney

Marketing manager, BBC Two: Kerry Wilson

Agency: BBC Creative

Executive creative director: Laurent Simon

Creative director: Susan Ayton

Planner: Rosanagh Ker

Project manager: Phoebe Bibbings

Producer: Georgina Meirick

Agency: Superunion

Executive creative director: Stuart Radford

Creative director: Katherina Tudball

Chief strategy officer: John Shaw

Designer: Erik Brattested

Strategy director: Andi Davids

Account director: Suzanne Neal

Music and sound design: Alex Baranowski

Contributors for each image

BBC2 1: The Mill

BBC2 2: Conlan Normington

BBC2 3: FutureDeluxe

BBC2 4: Kijek & Adamski

BBC2 5: David McLeod

BBC2 6: Helmut Breineder

BBC2 7: FutureDeluxe

BBC2 8: David McLeod

BBC2 9: FutureDeluxe

BBC2 10: FutureDeluxe

BBC2 11: Ari Weinkle

BBC2 12: Conlan Normington

BBC2 13: Kenneth Robin

BBC2 14: FutureDeluxe

BBC2 15: Mainframe

BBC 16: The Mill

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