Unique marketing activation at San Diego Comic-Con were a major inspiration to readers in July, featuring some incredibly creative installations that drew thousands of fans.

Insight from television producer and director Ryan Murphy, who recently signed a $300 million deal with Netflix, also captured readers’ attention, along with a brand refresh that turned the logos for the “4” family of channels in Hungary into living dioramas, and a creative review of Chile’s KRFT Studio.

1. Adult Swim Hosts Summer Camp at SDCC

State park-inspired activation at San Diego Comic Con featured games, activities, special events and installations that often incorporated references to the nighttime programming block and went well into the evening.

2. Ryan Murphy to Focus on ‘Showrunner Advocacy’ vs ‘Shock Value’

Television producer and director Ryan Murphy, who recently signed a $300 million deal with Netflix, highlights his desire to help those outside the Hollywood system tell their story during a talk in Los Angeles hosted by the Hollywood Radio and Television Society.

3. Brand/Rebrand: Hungary’s ‘4’ Channels Become Living Dioramas

Refreshing the brand for the “4” family of channels in Hungary, Studio Hansa reimagined logo by designing a series of “living diorama” idents that the brand mark for Story4, Film4, TV4, and Galaxy4 into bustling buildings, their interiors exposed to give the viewer a voyeuristic peek of what lies within.

4. Customers Stocked Up to Survive ‘The Purge’ at SDCC

Based on the movie franchise, the show is undeniably dark. But USA’s Purge City pop-up store at San Diego Comic-Con took an unexpectedly cheerful approach, celebrating the show’s holiday where all crime, including murder, is legal, with exaggerated enthusiasm that was perfectly unnerving it its own way.

5. Creative Review: KRFT Studio

When Chile’s KRFT Studio founders Marco Avilez and Jonathan Bravo say their studio’s name out loud, it evokes the arts and craft movement of the 19th century, which sought to revive the value of handmade work in contrast to industrial production, and inspired the studio’s name. Together, they deploy new techniques to develop projects inspired by their love for craftsmanship.

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