Manage Ad Music (MAM), which specializes in the collection of music royalties, has been acquired by global music technology company BMAT Music Innovators. The company will now be known as MAM BMAT with MAM founder Nan Wilson serving as president.

MAM BMAT will offer additional services than either MAM or BMAT offered on their own, such as global performance royalty administration for music, music performance monitoring and market analysis reporting.

“BMAT’s authoritative and comprehensive music usage data is the standard for more than 100 pro and major industry players,” said Pedro Cano, BMAT founder and CEO, in a statement. “MAM adds the expertise, wisdom and loving care to monetize this data. MAM is a critical addition to the Music OS, bringing not only the performance royalty collection in the TV ads but also a 20-year-plus relationship with composers, music houses, publishers and libraries.”

“This merger is a game-changer in maximizing performance royalty revenues around the world. By joining forces, we can now meld MAM’s long-standing relationships and expertise with BMAT’s pristine technology,” said Wilson, also in a statement.

“MAM always provides ‘above-and-beyond’ personalized, results-driven customer service,” said longtime MAM client Marcia Kutz, director of operations and strategic partnerships, Warner Chappell Production Music. “They have the most thorough data curation for supporting royalty claims, utilizing multiple performance sources for leading-edge metrics. Nan Wilson and her staff have intrinsic knowledge of production music and provide excellent data assistance when needed.”

In related news, BMAT has just released a data-driven report on music usage in TV in collaboration with the Production Music Association. The report found that 46% of the music played on broadcast and cable TV across the U.S. is production music. Commercial music only accounts for 7% of total usage. Read the report here.

MAM BMAT also will appear at the 2022 Production Music Conference, which is running September 21-23 at the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. On Friday, September 23 at 12:30 p.m., MAM BMAT is presenting a panel titled “Baby Got Backend: The Future of Sync Music Royalties,” featuring Wilson as moderator along with guest speakers Connor Marks, vice president, publishing, APM; Serona Elton, head of educational partnerships, The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC); and Randy Wachtler, president, 11OneMusic.

The panel will address the future of production music backend income streams, performance royalty trends, opportunities for production library mechanical and digital royalties and more.

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