It wouldn’t be Westworld if it wasn’t full of mysteries.

HBO is leaning into those mysteries as season two approaches, last week releasing a digital scavenger hunt on social media that quickly took on a viral tone.

Most of us (this author included) don’t have time to be this obsessed, so instead we follow the discoveries of brilliant Redditors and folks on Mashable. And spoiler alert! If for some reason you prefer to figure out all of this for yourself, then abandon this post right now.

In her tweet, Wood name drops Aeden. She’s Westworld’s host, represented on the site by a bot who guides visitors through the Westworld website. If you follow Wood’s tweet to Aeden on the discoverwestworld site, and type in “Chaos takes control,” up pops a link to the season-two poster.

You can also type in each of those three words separately (“Chaos” “Takes” “Control”) to get some text hints from Aeden about what season two holds in store.

Or you can skip all of that and just head straight to the poster’s website.

But it doesn’t stop with the poster. Here’s what an eagle-eyed Redditor discerned:

“If you zoom in on the horizon line, there’s a line of code: 687474703A2F2F6269742E6C792F3246447A696567

Any takers?”

Here’s what that looks like when you blow up the poster:

Next step is to head to the website that code indicates, and since we’re already well beyond my technological skills, let’s again refer to the helpful folks at Reddit, who say we need to go here: where another trailer awaits.

There is possibly more to be revealed from that trailer, since there appear to be bar codes in between the frames. Prior to all of this, it was confirmed via Entertainment Weekly that season two’s unofficial title is “The Door,” just as season one’s was “The Maze.”

Moreover, fans are excited about the new park to be revealed: Shogun World (or Shogunworld, that’s as of yet unclear), the name of which was revealed by Entertainment Weekly in early March. Scenes from “The Door” trailer also point to such a park, with flashing images of Japanese landscapes and samurais.

Further clues from the “Find the Door” trailer have not emerged, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. More likely to come ahead of the season-two premiere of HBO’s Westworld on Sunday, April 22.

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[Images courtesy of HBO/John P. Johnson]

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