Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt may be coming to a close, but its heroine will live on in real life through her children’s book, The Legends of Greemulax.

In the final season, Kimmy Schmidt puts her bunker days behind her, and gains newfound fame for penning the fantasy adventure novel that helps young boys understand sexism. On April 2, publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers will release hardcover and ebook versions of the story.

It will be published under Kimmy Schmidt’s name, but show creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock collaborated with author Sarah Mlynowski to bring it to life.

“In her completely delightful debut novel, Kimmy tackles pertinent gender stereotyping concerns for kids with enough adventure, comedy, and heart to make the lesson go down easy for readers of all ages,” said Little, Brown Books Vice President, Editorial Director Farrin Jacobs in a statement.

The story—whose world inspires an Orlando theme park in the show—is set in the world of Greemulax, where legend has it that a dragon attack killed the tight-knit community’s girls and women. The men, ruled by Grabagorn Prime, have lived in mourning and anger ever since. But when main character Penn accidentally catches a girl named Kristy in his dragon trap, he starts to question everything he thought was true.

Together, Penn and Kristy set off on an adventure that will take them to a tugboat in a tree and through a treacherous lake of pudding toward a candy forest guarded by dragons that might hold the answers they seek. All the while, Penn dreads the day that he will become a Grabagorn, a powerful hairy blue monster, as all boys in Greemulax do. As Penn transforms, Kristy seems to fade away into nothing. The duo must reach their destination and rewrite the rules of Greemulax before it’s too late.

Little, Brown Books revealed a statement from Schmidt that couldn’t be more on point for the character:

“To paraphrase a great commercial, ‘I can’t believe I wrote-uh da whole thing!’” said Schmidt. “I really hope my book reminds everyone that the world is still good, like when your mystery lollipop flavor is raspberry, even though it sometimes feels disappointing and scary, like when your mystery lollipop flavor is banana.”

April is also Child Abuse Prevention month, and in recognition of the book’s release NBCUniversal will be making a donation in support of Prevent Child Abuse America.

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