In advance of Deal or No Deals resurrection on CNBC, the network created two spots with a retro feel, ‘Catch the Spirit,’ (above) and ‘What Would You Do?’ (below).

The spots reflect the excitement of the participants as they play to win $1 million. ‘Catch the Spirit’ invokes the spirit of ‘70s cops shows with a synthesized score and freeze frames accentuated by bold graphics. The spot highlights the fact that contestants will do just about anything — run, jump, pray, dance — to win the big prize.

‘What Would You Do’ puts the viewer in the contestant’s seat, letting them feel the stress and nerves of playing the game. Sometimes picking a suitcase is the hardest thing to do.

Deal or No Deal airs on CNBC on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


Network: CNBC

Producer/Editor: Jina Johnson

Director, Creative Services : CJ Harris

Director, Marketing: Nicki Monsees

Mixer: Dom Barbera

Graphics: Erin Dean

Tags: cnbc deal or no deal hot spots howie mandel

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