All 31 seasons of historic animated sitcom, The Simpsons, are now available to stream on Disney+, which is declaring itself “the ultimate entertainment hub for fans of Springfield’s most famous residents.”

The service’s new brand campaign, “Simpsons Forever,” celebrates the fact that nearly 300 hours of Simpsons are now available for subscribers, including The Simpsons Horror collection, which includes 30 episodes of the show’s “Treehouse of Horror” franchise. That collection joins several others, including The Simpsons Predicts, The Simpsons Travels, The Simpsons Rock and The Simpsons Sports. More such collections are coming as well as curated episodes timed to what’s happening in the culture.

In November, these episodes include “Co-Dependents Day,” in which Bart and Lisa travel to wine country to complain to the (mysteriously unnamed) filmmaker about his latest “Cosmic Wars” movie, coinciding with the season-two premiere of The Mandalorian; “Deep Space Homer,” in which Homer and Barney are recruited as assets, timed with the series premiere of The Right Stuff; and “Bart Star,” in which Bart joins a junior-league football team, just as Monday Night Football returns to ESPN. On Election Day, November 3, the service will showcase Sideshow Bob’s run for Mayor of Springfield.

Earlier this month, Disney+ surprised guests at the Disney+ Drive-In Festival with special screenings of The Simpsons during its nightly drive-in movie lineups.

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To watch all of The Simpsons on Disney+ including 31 seasons of the series, animated shorts Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare and Maggie Simpson in Play Date with Destiny and full-length theatrical The Simpsons Movie, visit

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