Leadership expert Esther Weinberg joins the pod to discuss Promax’s new leadership program, Promax Next, that she specifically developed to help high-potential managers move to the next level in their careers and to help their teams and organizations do as well.

The program is based on a method she wrote called The Ready Zone, which includes six zone performance indicators or ZPIs: These are, in no particular order: action-ready, culture-ready, pivot-ready, influence-ready, connect-ready and impact-ready. Leaders and teams that are operating at peak performance in each of the ZPIs are also operating within the Ready Zone, and it’s in this place that they are fully prepared to tackle any challenge that comes at them. In this time of uncertainty and chaos, that’s the ultimate place to be.

Listen in and check out the below article to learn more.

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Then proceed here to register or contact Paul Lee at Paul.Lee@promax.org for more information.

Esther Weinberg is a leadership training expert who empowers and equips high-level executives in the entertainment industry to build sustainable company cultures based on a foundation of respect, safety and trust.

As founder and chief leadership development officer of The Ready Zone, she coaches leaders through change with proven systems to reframe, refocus, realign—and ultimately— put people first.

Weinberg’s breakthrough strategies have assisted clients such as Netflix, NBCUniversal, Microsoft, ESPN, WarnerMedia, Promax, Sony, Warner Bros., CNN, DreamWorks Animation, Discovery Communications, Adobe, Disney and IMAX. The Ready Zone also partners with Promax on its signature leadership program, Thrive.

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