Fox Sports picks up the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this weekend, and the sports network tapped Brooklyn-based creative studio And/Or to capture the fun, the fierce competition and all of the cuteness in these doggy-ful spots.

“We had been looking for an opportunity to collaborate with And/Or for quite a while,” said Fox Sports Creative Director Ryan Watson in a statement. “As soon as the time came to conceptualize ideas for this year’s Dog Show on Fox, we immediately picked up the phone (launched Zoom). And/Or brought a number of fresh and exciting ideas to the table, all of which captured the prestige and fun of everyone’s favorite furry event, while hitting home our key selling points that highlighted the newness of this year’s dog show.”

And/Or wrote, designed, edited and animated two spots—one promoting the overall competition and the other focused on the Best in Show event, as well as various cut-downs for both spots.

“Since there were so many fun, exciting changes to the event, including the new outdoor location and change of date (the event is usually held in midwinter indoors), we wanted to capitalize on that,” said And/Or Creative Director Kendra Eash, also in a statement. “We tried to bring a playfulness to the edit, graphics and script that would get people even more excited to watch the best of the best canines compete.”

“We wanted to create fun, upbeat spots that highlighted the skill of the dogs and handlers, while nodding to the addition of four new dog breeds and the move to the Lyndhurst Mansion,” said And/Or Creative Director Kelli Miller. “Of course, the greatest chore of all was watching all the footage of cute dogs being their cute selves (fluffy butts included).”


Client: Fox Sports

SVP, On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin

VP, Media and Brand Marketing: Eric Dobratz

Creative Director: Ryan Watson

Director, On-Air Promotions: Andrea Nicholson, Meghan de Andrade

Agency: And/Or

Executive Creative Director: Kelli Miller

Creative Director, Writer: Kendra Eash

Executive Producer: Diana Mandelare-Au

Art Director: Namita Devadas

Producer: Virginia Galvan

Editor: Jesse Mendelson

Assistant Editor: Sam Schild

Designer, Animator: Natalie Hawkins

Lead Animator: Terra Henderson

Colorist: Nice Shoes

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