Los Angeles-based production company Friends & Family, founded by Executive Producer Scott Kaplan, has signed Brazilian directing collective, Youth.

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“We have been thrilled and inspired by Youth’s work over the last several years. Their distinct eye and trailblazing attitude and inspiration makes them a perfect addition to our roster,” said Friends & Family Founder and Executive Producer Scott Kaplan in a statement.

Over the past 10 years, Youth – which represents the trio of João Machado, Yuri Maranhão and Eduardo Lubiazi – has been at the forefront of LATAM advertising and filmmaking, directing campaigns for such global brands as Pepsi, Volkswagen and Budweiser, among others.

“We’ve always tried to bring something surprising to every project and show our clients that anything is possible through courageous decisions regarding the casting and the choice of location,” the trio said in a statement.

Youth has already made a splash in its native South America, but by signing with Friends & Family, they are hoping to bring their talents to the U.S.

“[E]ntering the US market is always attractive for any director from another part of the world and this has always been a goal in our career,” they said.

Between them, the three have experience in production, post-production, cel animation and multi-directional skills and they have directed everything from commercials to films. Their work has a visual appeal that is marked by street culture and transgression in the arts, music and cinematography.

“Creating collectively has always been our reality. This has shaped the way we see the world and make decisions. Working in a group directly changes the final result that is on screen and for us, it was always important that the process had this plural approach,” said the trio.

“Friends & Family recognizes this in us and can connect us with a universe that also wants this type of work. We believe that in this business, the true connection between people is what can generate new and incredible results.”

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