Experimental design studio FutureDeluxe and its group partner, Forever, have named Mike Bell as executive producer at FutureDeluxe and Joel Dennis as global head of growth at Forever.

London-based FutureDeluxe and Canada-based Tendril in January announced that they were co-investing in new global design offering Forever, with offices in the U.S., UK, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

Bell previously served as executive producer at Nexus Studios and Electric Theater Collective and he also worked at Passion Pictures. Through the course of his career, he has worked on such projects as BBC Tokyo Olympics and the launch of the Gorillaz’s album, Cracker Island. In his new role at FutureDeluxe, he’ll work with such existing clients as Apple, BBC, Google, Nike and Sonos, while also expanding the roster.

“Mike has a wealth of experience and has won every award going. He’s a producer with incredible leadership skills who manages to remain humble about his impressive craft and passionate about the need for experimentation,” said FutureDeluxe Managing Director James Murray in a statement. “He’s a perfect fit for FutureDeluxe’s people-first focus and constant investment into R&D.”

“I’m delighted to be joining FutureDeluxe at this truly exciting stage in their development as a creative studio,” Bell added. “Having closely followed their progress in crafting technically innovative, emotionally engaging CGI, I’ve also been aware of how hard they’ve worked to establish an experimentally focused, people-first working environment. It’s this dedication to both culture and craft that made joining FutureDeluxe irresistible.”

Dennis, who will be responsible for growing Forever’s business, comes to the new organization from Sid Lee, where he was director for growth and innovation, working across automotive, ecommerce and technology.

“As a new group, Forever is at an incredibly exciting stage of development. Although we’re only four months old, we’ve already achieved an impressive first quarter, winning some prestigious projects, creating Amazon Prime motion branding and developing product launch campaigns for Hublot, Cashapp, Nike and Estee Lauder. All this, plus an insane promo for Bjork,” said Forever CEO James Callahan, to whom Dennis reports. “With Joel now on board, our growth is set to be unstoppable.”

“As someone who works in the business development side of the creative industry, I rarely get the opportunity to help position a product that is best-in-class and boasts a top-notch workplace culture,” added Dennis. “Not only that, but Forever’s leadership team were very quickly able to show me what they’re looking to achieve in the coming years and how they envisage me becoming part of their mission. Alongside Forever’s unbelievable portfolio and stellar team, joining the group at this crucial stage of its development was an instant no-brainer.”


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