Weareseventeen has made a name for itself delivering nourishing eye-candy, the kind that charms and intrigues clients by pairing stunning visuals with an insightful creative interpretation of the brand. The London-based agency had always created its memorable promos and idents almost solely with elegant, painstakingly crafted animation – but that all changed last year when they won a pitch to design and produce a new series of channel idents as part of British music television channel Kiss TV’s identity refresh. Their winning concept: personify the fresh, edgy and glamorous values of the Kiss TV experience via four different human-like figures, each a living, dancing embodiment of a specific attitude.

According to Stephen Simmonds, creative director at Weareseventeen, it soon became apparent that, “to get the realistic movement that we wanted to achieve” for the project, “the real human feel for something that isn’t very human in appearance,” the agency would need to branch out from its proven modes of traditional animation into a previously untested technology: “It needed to be motion capture,” Simmonds concluded. A staple of the special effects industry, motion capture is a powerful tool that allows for the creation of incredibly fluid movement-based animation with relative ease. But, while an exciting new development in Weareseventeen’s ever-growing arsenal of skill sets, the convenient technology in no way excused the agency from its standard method of meticulous development and preparation.

“Each project brings its own different challenges, and it’s about selecting the right tools to create the aesthetic you want,” Simmonds said. “Motion capture is a great tool if you know what you’re looking for.”

Client: Box Television for Kiss TV

Creative Director: Stephen Simmonds

Design Director: Mark Haley

Animation Team: Renaud Futterer, Mark Lindner, Joseph Winston, Carlos De Faria, Martin Salfity

Production Manager: Joanna Brock

Executive Producer: George Alexander

Music and Sound Design: Zelig Audio

Box Television Creative Director: Nick Bentley

Box Television Executive Producer: Matt Wolfe

Box Television Producer: Danielle O’Keefe


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