Golden LA has launched affiliated multidisciplinary studio Goldenchild, featuring a roster of specialized creators under the leadership of Dutch-born Executive Creative Director Fons Schiedon.

“Goldenchild’s parents, Matthew Marquis and Pierre Nobile, and I have been friends for a while. It’s a great little family,” said Schiedon, who’s done numerous projects with Golden LA, in a statement. “This new initiative allows us to work in the way we all work best—flexibly, project-oriented, and using a full range of creative technology.”

Goldenchild will collaborate with brands, agencies and performing artists at various stages in the creative process. Drawing on the roster’s breadth of expertise in everything from traditional live action and photography to animation, CGI, AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality techniques, the studio looks to reinvent what’s possible in brand storytelling.

Goldenchild is the invention of Managing Director Matthew Marquis and Executive Producer Pierre Nobile, who tapped Schiedon, an illustrator and graphic designer turned jack-of-all-trades creator, to join the team not only as ECD, but as one of the roster’s first directors.

“Fons has expertise in every type of media that Goldenchild delivers,” said Nobile, also in a statement. “He’s versatile, curious, and above all, is an incomparable and eager creative partner when ambitious projects are thrown our way.”

Schiedon’s career has included directing music videos for such artists las Groove Armada and SBTRKT, creating visuals for Beyoncé, Arcade Fire, and The Killers, designing for Michelle Obama’s documentary “Becoming,” as well as working with brands such as MTV, Motorola, Nickelodeon, XL Recordings, Universal Music Group, Samsung, AT&T, Benjamin Moore, Cartoon Network and Warner Bros.

Nobile and Schiedon first met while working together on the visuals for the Beyoncé Formation World Tour, hitting it off immediately. They continued to work together at Golden LA, forming a like-minded team around them, many of whom can be found on Goldenchild’s roster.

Goldenchild’s roster includes French director, artist, and designer Hugo Richel, known for his work with high-fashion clients that explore the connection between digital art forms, like VR, and nature; Anime-inspired Canadian creative director, Henrique Barone; and Swiss-based Get It, with a specialty in playful, colorful, type-driven motion design and typography.

“This new company was created to go after the next compelling tier of digital work,” said Marquis. “It is the lovechild of Golden LA and the future.”

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