Ahead of the sixth season of Alone, which premieres this June, History’s in-house team created a 15-second graphic tease to further showcase next season’s setting—the Arctic.

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The reality series challenges 10 contestants to document themselves as they attempt to survive brutal, remote areas around the world. Next season’s contestants will face incredibly cold conditions and dangerous wildlife as they strive to win the grand prize.

Alone premieres Thursday, June 6 on History.


Senior Editor: Liz Moore

Senior Writer/Producer: Jeremy Dann-Soury

Sound Design: Zealot

Graphic Designer: Stu Chudy

Graphic Producers: Jessica Van Natten, Dan Marino, Jessica Torres

Director of Motion Graphics: Jessica Miller

Production Assistant: Jessie Bizenov

Creative Director: Anthony Karkosza

Director of Production: Kate Rosante

VP, Creative: Matt Neary

Executive Creative Director: Tim Nolan

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