HLN, once known almost exclusively as the home of Nancy Grace and endless coverage of stories like the “Tot Mom,” set out a year ago to rebrand itself into a destination for millennial viewers and the social media generation.

On Tuesday, the CNN sibling revealed the most dramatic changes to date in its evolution, with a new logo and flagship show featuring prominent branding from presenting partner T-Mobile.

The new logo, a bold black-and-white affair that is reminiscent of a dialogue box on a text messaging app, is a shift from the blue and yellow with merged “H,” “L,” and “N” that has been gracing screens recently.

The network is debuting a much more dramatic shift with its new daytime show The Daily Share, which features a mold-busting cafe-meets-startup set, and prominent T-Mobile branding, according to Ad Age‘s Jeanine Poggi.

The set is meant to give a coffee-house-meets-startup vibe, according to Poggi. The show itself surfaces for the television viewer all of the content that people are talking about, liking, sharing, and creating online on any given day.

In addition to the branding built into the set, T-Mobile will also curate a segment on The Daily Share of user-generated content.

The new show will air from 12p.m.-5p.m., replacing HLN Now.

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Brief Take: HLN’s social media-focused rebranding has had a slow takeoff since it was announced last February. Tuesday’s changes mark the start of a new, more dramatic phase that could telegraph further evolution.


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