National Geographic tricks your brain through a series of scenes you may just have to watch twice. The new season of Brain Games debuts Monday, Jan. 19 on Nat Geo.

National Geographic Channel

SVP/Group Creative Director Andy Baker

Creative Director, Design Brian Everett

Creative Director Tyler Korba

Production Manager Kevin Lahr

1st Avenue Machine

Sam Penfield: Partner/Executive Producer

Cheri Anderson: Executive Producer

Garrett Fennelly: Promo Producer

Aaron Duffy: Co-Director

Bob Partington: Co-Director

William Rexer: DP

Ethan Tobam: Art Director

Abby Okin: Promo Post-Production Supervisor

Jonathan Vitagliano: Promo Editor

Geoff Shelton: BTS Videographer

BTS Editorial

Crave Media: Ian Rummer & Robin Giannattasio

Mix: Jeff Mullen


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