​AMC UK and Holman + Hunt offers the third of its launch spots, featuring different readers in different environments reading the same poem: “Storyteller,” written by Holman + Hunt’s Richard Holman.

The above spot stars Frank Dillane, star of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. Dillane says the poem while images reminiscent of watercolors pour over him.

The first spot starred Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston reading the poem, and that time it was relatively stark, keeping the emphasis on the star in a tight close-up.

The second spot in the series featured a boy reciting the poem while walking through the coastal desert of Dungeness in Kent, England.

“We love working on this campaign,” said Holman, Holman + Hunt’s creative director. “It’s great to be able to create a series of films that use exactly the same script but are very different in look, tone and technique. In the first spot we shot Bryan Cranston in a single take in extreme close up. In the second, a boy in the wilderness of Dungeness. Here we wanted to create something edgier, more abrupt, and to bring a whole new layer of meaning to the poem by using projection.”

Director Chris Turner of Able & Baker said that the latest spot featuring Dillane offered its own technical challenges: “One of the toughest things to get right was the synchronicity between Frank’s lines and the projected images. Because of the fast turnaround, the visuals had to be sequenced in advance of the shoot, without us knowing for sure how Frank would deliver the script. On the day we ended up effectively ‘DJ-ing’ the visuals live. Frank has a mesmerizing nervous energy which makes for a great performance, but also means he never delivered a line the same way twice, so it quickly became about reading his body language and trying to keep up with him.”

Season two of Fear the Walking Dead premieres April 11 on AMC UK (and April 10 in the U.S.). Here’s the latest trailer, “No Safe Harbor.”


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