With Olivia Pope back on her own, the hard-working, well-dressed gladiators of ABC’s Scandal are back in business on Thursday, Feb. 11.


ABC Entertainment Marketing:

Marla Provencio, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Becky Daugherty, VP, Drama, Movies and Specials

Melissa King, Executive Creative Director

Ann Sloan, Writer/Producer

Bob Schefferine, VP, Production

Chris O’Hara, Director, Production

Sandy Christmas, Associate Director, Special Projects & Production

Meg Tyra, ABC Shoot Producer

Lucas Aragon, Director, Design

Monica Helberg, Art Director

Greg-Paul Malone, Flame Artist

John Kim, Designer

Chris Folkens, Editor

Chris Dunn, Editor

Black Label Content

Joseph Uliano, EP / CD

Trudy Bellinger, Director

Norm Reiss, Producer

Maz Mahkani, DP

Annie Sperling Art Director

Lyn Paolo, Stylist ( Scandal)

White Light Audio

Heika Burnison, Executive Producer


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