Amazon and Brooklyn-based CHIPS Design Studio continually delights us with their constantly changing main titles for Amazon’s Golden-Globe winning comedy, Mozart in the Jungle. Justin W. Sanders spend some time with creator Teddy Banks to give us the inside scoop on how they’re created:

The Magically Morphing Main Titles of ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

Justin also went in deep to understand how History created its “throw everything at the camera” promo for its new late-night show, Join or Die with Craig Ferguson.

Similarly, Andrew Greene took us inside Comedy Central’s third-season campaign for Broad City, which focused on the “fight” in “girl-fight.”

From London, Diana Lodderhose told us about changes at Paris-based Les Télécréateurs, now that it’s been divided into three: Movement, Insurrection and Division.

And leadership expert Esther Weinberg took a page from Ragnar Lothbrok’s playbook to describe the “Warrior Executive” and how to become one.

Finally, we leave you with one of our favorite Hot Spots from the week that was. This week, it’s ITV2s whimsical channel idents, created by ManvsMachine and Neon.


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