Starz’ new drama, Counterpart, stars Oscar winner J.K. Simmons as Howard Silk, a lowly cog in a bureaucratic machine whose life is changed when he discovers the agency for which he works is hiding a gateway to a parallel universe.

For the show’s main titles, Imaginary Forces evokes the bleak feel of Silk’s world while hinting at the mysterious dimension that lies on the other side of the curtain.


Client: Starz

Production: Imaginary Forces

Director: Karin Fong

Executive Producer: Chris Hill

Head of Production: Franceska Bucci

Producer: Maggie Robinson

Lead Animator/ Designer: Jake Ferguson

Animator/Compositor: Kiyoon Nam

Designers: Filipe Carvalho, Nathan Lee

Flame Artist: Rod Basham

Editor: Zach Kilroy

Additional Visual Researches: Wes Yang, David Orwasky


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