With help from creative agency Totuma and Madrid-based production company 2382, Universal Channel Latin America turns what seems like piles of junk into character portraits for these hypnotizing IDs.




Making Of


Client: Universal Channel Latin America

Creative Direction for Universal Channel: Verónica Pizzorno

Production Manager for Universal Channel: Wada Licht

Audio Engineer for Universal Channel: Andrés El Jabber

Agency: Totuma

Creative Direction for Totuma: Hubert Reinfeld, Vladimir Mihalkov

Art Direction: Vladimir Mihalkov, Hubert Reinfeld

Post-Production Director: Hubert Reinfeld, Vladimir Mihalkov

Editing: Vladimir Mihalkov

3D Modelling, Animation: Jorge Vigas

Compositing, SFX: Jorge Vigas, Vladimir Mihalkov, Marcial Gonzalez

Finishing, Color Correction: Vladimir Mihalkov

Making Of, Timelapse Editing: Juan Enis, Hubert Reinfeld

Directors:,Juan Enis aka: Mirada de Vaca (assisted via Skype by Hubert Reinfeld, Vladimir Mihalkov)

Production Company: 2382

Executive Producer: Caroline Heredia

Director of Photography: Luis Montenegro Lafont

Art Director: David Díez

Assistant Director: Ana Laninanus

Art Department: Mireia Soto, Deni Georgieva, Carlota Wilmshurst

Art Assistant: Roger A. Vargas Reyes

Production Assistant: Belén Chinchilla

1st Camera Assistant, Focus Puller: Paduano Andre

Camera Operator: Carlos Santana de Mora

2nd Camera Assistant: María Paulina

Gaffer: Rodrigo Plácido

Camera, Making of: Javier Rebenque


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