Online-only network BBC Three turns the spotlight on the viewers that make up its younger audience, producing this montage of several men and women doing the things that make them uniquely them while singing along to Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.”


Brand: BBC Three

Agency: BBC Creative

Director, BBC Creative: Justin Bairamian

Executive creative directors: Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon

Head of creative: Jamie Starbuck

Senior creatives: Amar Marwaha, Arvid Harnqvist

Head of production: James Wood

Producer: Rachel Roberts

Project manager: John Trevor

Production manager: Jenny Broad

Digital producer: Greg Marshall

Portfolio head of marketing younger audiences: Nicola Carr

Marketing manager: Kelly-Ann Barlow

Media scheduler: Lauren Bradley

Production company: Pulse Films

Directors: Dylan Southern, Will Lovelace, 32

Managing director: James Sorton

Executive producer: Lucy Kelly

Producer: Alistair Payne-James

Director of photography: Ben Fordesman

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