In this director’s cut by Boulder, Colo.-based creative agency, Mrs. K, Jeremy Wade emerges from his home away from home—a river somewhere deep in the jungle, or in this case, a custom soundstage in Los Angeles—to return to Animal Planet in new series Dark Waters.

Below is a behind-the-scenes time-lapse video showing how Mrs. K’s team constructed the set:

Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters premieres Sunday, April 21 on Animal Planet.


Client: Animal Planet

VP Creative: Pablo Pulido

Producer: Jason Letchko

Director of Production: Lisa McKenna

Production: Mrs. K

Director: Jeanne Kopeck

Executive Producer: Peter Thron

Producer: Brianna Baugh

Line Producer: Erin Lofstrom

DP: Patrick Loungway

Editor: Scott Cullmann

Tags: animal planet dark waters hot spots jeremy wade mrs. k

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