How far would you go to survive the night?

That’s the question characters in USA and Syfy’s new limited series, The Purge, had to ask themselves during the country’s annual 12 hours of anarchy in which all crime — from petty theft to full-on murder — is legal.

To capture that terror, Los Angeles-based King & Country created a full 360 design system spanning broadcast, print, out of home, digital and social to promote the series, which is based on films by Blumhouse Productions.

The package — which included main titles, above — works to convey the series’ personality by building on its visceral, toxic, loud and ultimately, terrifying, aesthetic. To achieve that look and feel, King & Country used a combination of custom graphics, intense live-action footage and in-your-face photography.

King & Country Director Rick Gledhill orchestrated a one-night shoot across three units to film and photograph all the components. The first unit shot all the footage for the main title, topical teases and promo toolkits. All out-of-home elements for bus wraps, billboards and print were shot using a live-action unit, while a third unit gathered a host of extra social and digital assets.

Nine scenes were created in one location to allow us to move from set to set with great efficiency. From indoor apartments, warehouses and workshops, to ballroom sacrifice scenes and larger violent clashes with gangs in the streets, the K&C crew designed and created custom Purge masks and wardrobe for our characters to fit seamlessly with the tone set by the show.

The Purge premiered Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 10/9 on both USA and Syfy.

Below are three trailers from the campaign:

Release the Beast

​Hide and Seek

Blessed Be America


Networks: USA and Syfy

VP, Brand Design, USA and SYFY Networks: Chris Moore

Senior Designer, Art Director: Rob Edmond

Production Company: King and Country

Post & Finishing: King and Country

Director: Rick Gledhill

Executive Producer: Jerry Torgerson

Head of Production: Brain Butcher

Post Producers: Joe Abousakher, Calvin Kim, Brandon Stevenson

VFX Supervisor: Andrew Cook


Line Producer: Bo Clancey

DP: Crash


Art Director: Josh Lewis

Designers/Animators: Josh Lewis, Eduardo Guisandes, Tobias Kutz

Editor: Mike Radtke

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