After the worldwide success of this summer’s Barbie movie, Mattel and metaverse game developer Gamefam are launching Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon on global gaming platform Roblox on Friday, October 6.

The game marks the first official Barbie game on the popular platform and it will allow players to build a luxurious home with up to four floors and a total of 30 rooms, including a yoga studio, office, recording studio, vlogger room, movie studio and whatever else an upcoming virtual tycoon may dream up. Players can visit each other’s dream houses as well as hang out together in the virtual Malibu Town Square.

“With so many fantastic iterations of Barbie over the years, this felt like the right time to give Barbie – one of the world’s best-selling toys and a fashion icon for more than six decades – the chance to find her feet on Roblox. As one of the most instantly-recognizable brands in the world, we’re so excited for Barbie’s Roblox debut and look forward to her connecting with an all-new community of fans,” said Mike DeLaet, global head of digital gaming at Mattel.

Besides designing and building the house, players can create customizable avatars for themselves with a choice of nine different skin tones, various body types, 15 face and makeup configurations, many hairstyles and even the option to add hearing aids. Each avatar will have plenty of fashion items and accessories from which to choose as well.

Players will be guided through the world of Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon by two non-playable characters – Brooklyn and Malibu – who can help them explore the virtual beach town in a Barbie-themed vehicle.

While there, they can visit a bakery, veterinarian, fashion boutique, science center, town hall, sports fields and more. Players also can try out various in-game careers such as chef, popstar and fashion designer through mini games.

“This is the perfect time to bring Barbie’s world to millions of existing and soon-to-be fans on Roblox,” said Ricardo Briceno, chief business officer at Gamefam, also in a statement. “The Barbie brand has never been more relevant, and this tycoon-style game offers another way for players to continue playing with Barbie by building their very own DreamHouse in the metaverse.”

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