Eustace Conway, star of History’s Mountain Men, is a man of simple wisdom. Los Angeles-based creative agency Roger once again transformed Conway’s words into art using 3D characters created entirely out of threaded materials, such as yarn, cotton and burlap.

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Client: History

Executive Creative Director, A+E Networks: Tim Nolan

Vice President, History Brand Creative: Matthew Neary

Creative Director: Brian Huffman

Director of Production: Kate Rosante

Senior Writer/Producer: Matthew Pratt-Hewitt

Agency/Production: Roger

Executive Creative Director: Terence Lee

Director, Creative Director, Concept: Dane Macbeth

Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky

Head of Production: Liz Catullo

Senior Producer: Anne Pendola

Associate Producer: Addie Stevenson

Animation Director, Pre-vis: James Rodgers

Technical Director, Character Setup: David Deacon

Lighting Director, Texture & Shading: James Sylvester

Designers: Braden Wheeler, Insoo Kim, Ming Wang, Tina Hung, Kevin Jan

Design Intern: Jieyi Lee

Modelers: Dan Valvo, Sivan Okcuglu, Joe Dela Torre

Character Animation: Guilherme Paiva, Maya Tanaka, Alex Angelis, Ricardo Jost Resende

Environment Animation: Juba Polati

3D Artist, Character Groom: Ihor Dmytrenko, Pratik Virash

Sound Design & Mix: Eflorem

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