Nick Jr. recruited Brooklyn-based creative studio And/Or to help it celebrate Women’s History Month with a fun animated music video featuring women and girls doing amazing things, folded in with characters from Nick Jr. shows.

The spot aired on Nick Jr. in March but was created as an evergreen music video that can be aired anytime the network wants to celebrate women.


Client: Nick Jr.

SVP of Preschool Brand Creative: Matt Perreault

SVP Creative Director Art and Design: Michael Waldron

VP/Creative Director, Preschool Brand Creative: Lauren Muir

VP of Editorial & Strategy: Liza Steinberg

VP of Animation & Motion Graphics: Kurt Hartman

Design Director: JungIn Yun

Animation Director: Rob Kohr

Animation Supervisor: Michelle Acuña

Director of Graphics Management: Alessandra Sutera

Supervising Producer: Jennifer Treuting

Project Manager: Chunjee Bell

Post Project Manager: David Leal

Production Assistant: Yazmon Ector

Audio Engineer & Sound Design: Joanna Katcher, Nice Manners

Composers: Kathleen Hanley, Aventurina Dorothea King, and Michelle R. Lewis

Vocalists: Aventurina Dorothea King, Briana Lee, and Heidi Rojas

Agency: And/Or

Kelli Miller, Creative Director

Diana Mandelare-Au, Executive Producer

Lizzi Akana, Animation Director, Illustration

Jessica Milazzo, Animation

Jennifer Vance, Producer

Tags: andor animation hot spots nice manners nick jr.

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