Nick Jr. is celebrating Halloween this year with a month-long party featuring a cast of beloved Nick Jr. characters and hosted by Blue and Josh from the network’s upcoming series Blue’s Clues & You.

The magical 3D neighborhood – created by UK’s Radio and animated by Nick Jr.’s internal animation team – is the perfect backdrop for a dance-filled pop song written by Blue’s Clues and You composer Peter Zizzo.


EVP, Nickelodeon Preschool Brand Creative and Marketing: Anne Mullen

SVP, Nickelodeon Preschool Brand Creative: Matthew Perreault

SVP, Brand Design: Sergio Cuan

VP, Creative Director: Lauren Muir

VP, Creative Strategy, Editorial: Liza Steinberg

VP, Brand Design: Joelle Lau

VP, Animation/VFX: Christopher Papa

Associate Art Director: Barbara Astrini

Design: Minha Kim, Wooyoung Kim

Animation Director: Scott Kennell

Senior Writer/Producer: Michelle Esbin Glenn

Animators/VFX: Michelle Acuna, Amanda Clark, Andy Tai, Lily Chin-Hong, Brittany Laureano, Yvonne Kwok, Kayse Villalba, Sebastian Rosero, Sarika Persaud, Ron Spivak

Editor: Abbie Carson

Associate Producer: Lauren Tempesta

Production Assistant: Jake Rachlin

Director of Production: Raebekah Cox

Senior Production Manager: Joseph Nardini

Production Coordinators: Charon Benjamin, David Leal

Senior Project Manager: Kelly Ondris

Graphics Manager: Dana Burkart


3D Environment Design: Radio

Live-Action Director: Jeremy Slutskin

Assistant Director: Otis Fung

Director of Photography: Jan Reichle

Music Composer, Anthem: Peter Zizzo

Music Composer, IDs: Brian Aumueller

Sound Designer/Mixer: Jay Pelizzi

Choreographer: Donald Jones

Costume Design: Noel Claro, Aniza Iniguez


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