For the main-on-end titles for Paramount Plus’ Star Trek: Picard, Los Angeles-based creative agency Picturemill paid homage to one the Star Trek franchise’s most important characters: the U.S.S. Enterprise.

In the titles, the camera lovingly lingers over many of the Enterprise’s design and systems specs. In the background, the music for Picard plays before switching over to the familiar and welcome score for the show that introduced fans to Picard and his crew, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Picturemill designed, animated and composited all of the piece’s LCARs (in Star Trek speak: Library Computer Access/Retrieval System).

The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard premiered Thursday, February 16 on Paramount Plus.


Client: Paramount Plus

Agency: Picturemill

Creative Director: William Lebeda

Executive Producer: David Midgen

3D Animators: John Bellas, Jon Block

2D Animator, Compositor: Nelson Yu

Editor: Dustin Frost

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