As many veterans of Promax know, a whole new brand identity does not just emerge out of nowhere, ready to adorn videos, websites, emails and social media. It must be thoughtfully and lovingly created, and that’s exactly what creative agency Loyalkaspar did when it took on the rebranding of PromaxBDA to Promax.

In this episode of The Daily Brief Podcast, Loyalkaspar chief creative officer and partner Beat Baudenbacher, executive creative director Anna Minkkinen, and technical director and producer Chris Webb discuss how they collaborated to create this year’s conference open (above) and how many of those elements evolved to find themselves as part of the organization’s overall global rebrand.

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A behind-the-scenes video of how Webb and his team created the open—which included the use of ping-pong balls, ribbons and gold sneakers—is below:

To hear everything Team Loyalkaspar has to say about the extensive rebrand they created for Promax, tune in to today’s episode:

[Images courtesy of Memoryscape]

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