In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and in response to the needs of its members, non-profit global entertainment marketing association Promax is taking this year’s June Conference and Station Summit online.

Both conferences—which were to be held in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, respectively—will include extensive programs of online content, some of which the association has already begun hosting. Continuing throughout this year, Promax will present online events focusing on industry best practices, innovation, connectivity and networking.

Awards celebrations that are held at both conferences—including the North America and Global Excellence and North American Station Awards—are being rescheduled for early December.

“From numerous conversations that have taken place over the past few weeks regarding COVID-19, it’s obvious due to current remote working conditions, changing launch strategies, and emerging viewing behaviors, our members need us to provide tools that they can utilize immediately,” said Promax President and CEO Steve Kazanjian in a statement. “Entertainment marketing professionals around the world are faced with unprecedented challenges at a time when entertainment is in high demand, and are seeking the collective learning, valuable interaction and special bonds that our close-knit community has offered since the birth of prime time.”

Throughout April, the association is offering a series of twice-weekly, live-streamed sessions that provide free educational content, including such topics as “How to Market Sports When There Are No Sports to Market” and “PSAs to Promos.”

Starting in May, Promax will begin programming premium online master classes that will be spread throughout the year. These weekly Conference Pass sessions – offering best practices, innovative ideas and inspiration—will embrace many of the topics that would have been addressed during the June events, featuring marketing peers who will address the combination of disruption and rapid evolution buffeting the current entertainment marketplace, while offering of-the-moment solutions.

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